Honeywell / Lyric — Eco Mode

Iteration for the win!

Project Info:

After reviewing set of wires created by a vendor for the section of our thermostat App called EcoMode, I proposed some different visual patterns that I felt gave the user a more intuitive UI and the potential to more clearly translate how this temp programming would affect their home.

Ecomode is the temp range a home owner would allow their home to drift to and from, while away. The ranges would be different for heating mode and cooling mode.

Together, the lead interaction designer and I ran through some scenarios on a white board first. After we got the comps where we wanted them, we presented them to the product leads.

It went over so well that they concluded they should use the new pattern for all types of temperature settings within the App.

  • Project Date:May 2013 - June 2015
  • Client:Honeywell / Lyric